A Trusted Mediator

A mediator like Paul is a trained, neutral, third party who creates a safe environment for parties to discuss the issues and come to a mutually agreeable resolution. The mediator is not meant to be a decision-maker, but a guardian of the process.

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The mediator will encourage each party to define the issues in their own terms in order to begin the mediation process.


The mediator will lead a meeting of coming up with ideas and suggestions that meet each party’s interests.


A negotiation has been met, the conflict is settled and a new foundation for future relations is provided on both sides.

Benefits of Mediation

Mediation is a confidential and collaborative way to resolve a conflict or disagreement between people or organizations that could otherwise result in legal action. Mediation is often the best alternative to litigation and is much more economic.

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Resolve Your Conflict Without Lawyers

Divorce mediation is one of the many types of mediation in which Paul J. Schweinler has 25 years of experience. Such as pre-divorce, complex divorces, contracts, and insurance issues are just some of the areas of his expertise. While attorneys are often present in the mediation, it is not mandated and reduces the cost of mediation greatly.

In Florida, meditations done without attorneys are allowed to have an agreement reviewed within 10 days after the mediation has been completed. Which is not to change the substance of the agreement, but to catch any errors. Paul has no recollection in his experience of that happening in mediations in which he has taken part.