Give Your Employees Peace of Mind

Choose us to lead your crisis management

In today’s world, it’s important for your managers and employees to get support during a crisis. That’s why you need to have Paul J. Schweinler’s phone number on your speed dial. Paul can provide a wide range of services to support management and personnel during a crisis.

Prepare for any critical incident in Fort Lauderdale

These services include:

  • Management Consultation before a crisis or as the crisis is unfolding 
  • Pre-Incident eduacation and stress management training 
  • Group and one-on-one Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) support
  • Family support
  • Crisis Management Breifings (CBM)
  • Line of Duty Death support
  • Post Incident follow-up

Paul is a Board-Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress who has provided crisis management services, locally, nationally and internationally. With over 15,000 hours of "boots-on-the-ground" experience, Paul is the one you need when it feels like everything around you is crumbling. 

Call us at 954-682-2286 today for more information on how we can prepare your employees for dire situations.